City of drivers

A network game about Racing & Battle

Course project of USC CSCI-523, designed by Run Xia & Li Wang.

City of drivers

Game of speed & fire: Drive your favorite car and enjoy the unlimited battle in this city.

The world of our game is a city of drivers. This world is made up of buildings, roads, and vehicles. Each player can join this world as a driver. The graphical representation of each player is a car.

In this world, players can freely drive in this city. Every player can earn money by complete transportations tasks. Just like working for Lyft, players can pickup items at the specified location and get paid when they arrive the specified destination.

In this world, players can also freely shoot other players. Every player can also earn money by destroy another car. The attacker can steal money from the destroyed car. If the destroyed player is carrying the transportation task, the task will fail.

When players earned enough money, they can spend their money to improve their cars by upgrading the speed, weapon, defense, health. The world of this game can be endless if we can support a large map and many players live in this world. But we can also make it simple by making the rule that, once a player gathered enough money, this player win the game. Actually, in our most recent implementation, players can pick up upgrade items to upgrade their weapons and cars

We don’t have enough game development experience before this course. So we hope that we can start from simple things like learning how to use Unity. After we learned the basic of these technologies, we can iteratively improve our game and add new features.